The beginnings of VELOS producer cooperative date back before the Second World War. In March 1936, sole traders from the Hradec Kralove Region associated to establish a purchasing and marketing cooperative of mechanics whose role was to create more favorable conditions for the purchase of bicycles, their accessories and spare parts for repairs.

After 1948, there was rapid development of manufacturing and repair activities and the cooperative was transformed in VELO Hradec Kralove producer cooperative. In the 1950´s, the cooperative was increasingly focusing its attention to the foothills of the Eagle Mountains where there was noticeable lack of job opportunities. Novy Hradek was the place where one of the most important plants of the cooperative was gradually being built.

It originated from the former textile factories, establishing the production of bicycle parts and also cooperative production of parts for sidecars and other products at a later time. In the late 1950´s, the cooperative changed its name VELOREX Hradec Kralove producer cooperative. Many products bearing the brand VELOREX became famous not only in the domestic market, but they were also exported to many countries around the world. The best know products of the Novy Hradek plant include a motored runabout for the disabled and sidecars for Jawa motorcycles with more than 200,000 sidecars produced by 1984.

The VELOREX plant in Novy Hradek first concentrated its production in the main plant and later in welding and paint shops in Novy Hradek - Doly. The main plant produced rims and mudguards for bicycles and strung rounds and was equipped with a production line of braiding, centering and control automats by a French company CPM.

In the 1980´s, extensive investment construction of new premises for surface finishing was launched in Novy Hradek - Doly. Once completed and equipped, the plant become one of the most modern plants within VELOREX cooperative.

In the early 1990´s, Velorex producer cooperative started to split and gradually formed sixteen independent entities. One of them was Velos which was established on 1 September 1992.

In 2007, there was a change in the ownership structure and the new owner brought along the production for the automotive industry which now accounts for the largest share of the company´s sales.