Integrated management system

Certifikační autoritaThe production program of Velos producer cooperative is focused on the production of metal products, including their finishing. Our key customers include IKEA and entities supplying components for the automotive industry. Our management is fully aware of the importance of customer satisfaction with the quality of produced products and also of the essentiality of environmentally friendly approach.

Therefore, the company decided to develop its integrated management system based on the following criteria standards:

as its tool to generate quality products, satisfied customers and at the same time to ensure environmental protection and environmentally friendly approach. The cooperative uses the integrated management system as its own tool for continuous self-improvement and to prevent environmental pollution.

The implementation of the integrated management system has the following principles:

  • Customer satisfaction has the highest priority and the efforts of all our employees are directed to its achievement. Comprehensiveness, accommodating approach to deadlines and top technical services are fundamental.
  • One of the basic pillars of our integrated management system is open communication both to own employees and the general public.
  • We ensure quality improvement as well as environmental pollution prevention through regular trainings and education of our employees.
  • Every customer is approached so as to ensure fulfilment of the customer´s requirements, agreed scope, product quality and time only with minimum necessary negative impacts on the environment.
  • Through careful selection of suppliers, whether in terms of quality or environmental impact, we ensure continuous improvement of the quality of our products as well as the company´s environmental profile in relation to the environment.
  • Continuous implementation of new technologies and procedures is a prerequisite for offering our customers increasingly higher quality products and reducing negative impacts on the environment.
  • Individual activities and offered products are always managed so as to meet legal and other regulations applicable to the cooperative.
  • One of the main tools for the implementation of our integrated management policy is continuous monitoring and periodical evaluation of individual objectives and target values.